3. How about learning and maintaining multiple languages? Nauka kilku języków - fajna sprawa! 



Do you thing its a good idea to learn more than just one language at the same time? I sometimes believe, that its a waste of time to learn one language instead of learning two or three languages. Well, whatever view you might have on that, its always this big thinking idea in front of us and the big question: Am I Able To Do It? And you know what? I think you are. It just comes down to taking those little steps every day and filling up your leisure time with positive things - like aquisition of a new foreign language, or maybe more than just one? Lets talk about it in out one on one or group lessons.




2. Do you like reading multiple books at the same time?

Liest du mehrere Buecher gleichzeitig?


What is your view on reading multiple books at the same time? Are you the kind of reader that can read just one book at the same time, or you have a habit of reading 5, 10 or more books from different disciplines simultaneously? I go for the second option. Please let me know in the comment section on youtube about that. We can also discuss this stuff during our lessons, we can do it in different languages too. See you online then. Pls contact me anytime for a trial lesson.



1. Accent free speaking in a foreign language - is it ever possible?

Can you reach the level of accent free speaking in any foreign language? How do you think? Or maybe you want to discuss this thing during the lesson with me?? Please feel free to give your opinion in the youtube comment section or go further below to contact me for a trial lesson or conversation. See you in the lesson on our platform! First however, please check our video below!


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